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The Ultimate Guide to our Anxiety Relieving Pet Bed

In the world of pet care, every tail wag and purr hold significance.

These actions mean that our Fluffy Friends are happy and content.

As devoted pet parents, we try to provide comfort and relief for our beloved companions.

We want to make sure that they always stay happy and fulfilled.

Still, there would be times that they would experience anxiety.

That's why we're excited to feature a product to ease your pet’s fears: MrFluffyFriend's Anxiety Relieving Pet Bed

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Understanding Pet Anxiety:

First, we need to know about pet anxiety.

Our furry companions, like us, experience stressors that can trigger unease and anxiety.

One common trigger for pet anxiety is loud noises.

The sudden crackle of thunder or the explosive burst of fireworks can easily frighten pets.

The loud and unpredictable nature of these sounds can overwhelm our fur babies.

They may tremble with anxiety and seek refuge in the nearest hiding spot.

Additionally, separation from owners can evoke feelings of abandonment and distress in pets.

This leads to a condition known as separation anxiety.


Whether it's a trip to the grocery store or absence due to work or travel, these can leave pets feeling anxious.

These feelings can manifest in behaviours such as pacing, whining, or destructive chewing.

Changes in their environment can also contribute to feelings of anxiety in pets.

Do you have a new family member, a new home, or rearranged furniture?

Any change from a familiar routine can disrupt their sense of security and stability.

Recognising the signs of anxiety in our pets is very important.

You may notice them hiding or barking all the time—these behaviours signal how they feel.

By being aware of these signs, you can step in and aid your pets.

You can then provide your fur kids with the comfort and reassurance they need.

One way to create a safe haven is by giving them a comfortable place.

The Importance of a Safe Haven:

Every pet deserves a safe haven where they can seek refuge during moments of stress.

A designated space with plenty of room provides a sense of security and stability for your fur baby.

Add in a fluffy pet blanket coupled with MrFluffyFriend's calming bed for max comfort.

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Benefits of Using MrFluffyFriend’s Anxiety Relieving Pet Bed:



Aside from comfort, our Anxiety Relieving Pet Beds offer a multitude of benefits.

When we provide our anxious dogs and cats with a comfort zone, we're helping their mental and emotional well-being.

One of the benefits of investing in a calming pet bed is stress level reduction in our best friend.

Further, the unique design of our donut-style beds has received praises from pet owners all over the world.

The raised edge offers neck support and a cocoon-like environment.

This encourages our pets to curl up and drift into a restful sleep. 

Quality sleep rejuvenates and renews our pets.

Happy customers' feedback confirms that these beds improve their pets' lives.

Pet parents observed a decrease in anxious behaviours like excessive barking or chewing.

Instead, their pets appear more relaxed, content, and calm.

You don't need medication to relieve your pet's stress—our donut-style dog bed can help avoid that.

Thus, investing in MrFluffyFriend's pet bed is an investment in our pets' happiness.

Treat your own Fluffy Friend to the gift of serenity with the best anti-anxiety dog bed today.

Recommendations for the Perfect Fit:


The plush bed recommendations below are for average-sized breeds.

If your pup or cat is larger than average, we recommend choosing one size larger.

  • XS - 2kg/4.5lb: Puppies, Kittens and extra small dogs
  • S - 4kg/9lb: Affenpinscher, Italian Greyhound, Yorkshire Terrier
  • M - 8kg/17.5lb: Miniature Poodle, Norfolk Terrier, Japanese Terrier
  • L - 15kg/33lb: Boston Terrier, Jack Russell, Shetland Sheepdog
  • XL - 25kg/55lb: Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, English Springer
  • XXL - 45kg/99lb: Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Basset Hound

More Anxiety Relieving Products:

Along with the Anxiety Relieving Pet Bed, MrFluffyFriend offers more complementary products:

Explore our collection today and give your pet the gift of an anxiety-free life.

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Tips in Using the Pet Bed:



Upon ordering MrFluffyFriend's Anxiety Relieving Pet Bed, you've taken the first step for your pet!

To ensure your pet gets the most from their new haven, consider these three simple tips:

Introducing the Pet Bed to Your Pet:

When introducing a new bed to your furry friend, patience is key.

Start by placing the bed in a location where your pet spends a lot of time, like their favourite nap spot or near their food and water bowls.

Encourage your pet to explore the bed by placing treats or familiar scents on or near it.

Increase their exposure to the bed through positive reinforcement.

Eventually, your pet will come to view the bed as a safe and inviting retreat.

Washing Instructions and Maintenance:

To maintain hygiene and freshness, it's essential to wash the calming dog bed regularly.

MrFluffyFriend's Anxiety Relieving Pet Bed is machine washable and doesn't have a removable cover.

Simply put the entire donut bed inside your machine.

Wash it at 30°C (86°F) or cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent.

Regular washing eliminates dirt and odour as well as ensuring a clean and inviting space for your pet.

These simple tips can ensure that your pet enjoys their MrFluffyFriend's Anxiety Relieving Pet Bed.

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Enhancing Comfort and Appeal:

To make the pet bed even more inviting, add familiar items.

Place a soft blanket or your pet's favourite toys on the bed to create a cosy and personalised space.

Try adding comforting scents like your clothing or a spritz of calming pheromones.

By tailoring the bed to your pet's preferences, you're creating a welcoming environment.

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As pet parents, we need to prioritise our fluffy friends' mental health and well-being.

Investing in MrFluffyFriend's Anxiety Relieving Pet Bed provides immediate comfort.

It also fosters a lifelong contentment for our pets.

Let's continue to ensure that our pets lead happy, anxiety-free lives.

Take the first step towards a comfy future for your pet—explore MrFluffyFriend's collection today.

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  • Dog loves her 2 beds
    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Yay, thanks Michelle glad she loves them!! :)

    Michelle Rooney
  • Own 2 for 1 dog she loves it!!!

    Michelle Rooney
  • Our Yorkie is 7 yrs old. had beds with blankets. Took him 5 minutes to paw all the blankets so he could sleep. Fast forward, I saw the ad on my email for Mr FluffuFriend beds. Ordered it. when we recieved it I fluffed it up. he kept jumping around like he wanted it. Well we put it where his other bed was. He took about two minutes sniffing it. He jumped in it and the rest is history. He loves this bed. no pawing to make it comfortable. I shake it up by turning it upside down an shaking it. When he sees me doing this he can hardly wait to get into it when I put it down. He is a very happy content Yorkie. His name is Elvis. Grand kids named him.

    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Hey Dolly, we’re super glad to hear that Elvis loves his bed! All the Best to Elvis and the family from Your MrFluffyFriend Team!

    Dolly Pogantsch
  • My dog destroys the every single bed a
    I buy, would to. Buy one of those, but I know it’s going to be a waste of time and effort 🥹
    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Aw, is your doggie still a young pup? They tend to be more destructive than their older counterparts. Hope your pup gets over their destructive tendencies soon! Lots of luck!

    Dora Arnone

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