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10 Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Some people prefer dogs over cats and vice versa but what about those of us who adore both?

Can we have a dog and a cat in our home, or are they incompatible animals?

You shouldn't worry because there are many dog breeds good with cats.

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Cats and dogs can be best friends, or at the very least, learn to live harmoniously. 

According to the American Kennel Club, it's a good idea to give your cat an escape route and that proper introductions are made.

Never leave your cat and your new puppy alone together until you are certain there won't be any problems. 

Of course, choosing the ideal breed will result in a happy partnership if you already have a cat and want to add a canine companion.

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Basset Hound

Except for their propensity for howling, Basset Hounds are as laid back as they come.

They're also exceedingly patient and devoted, which will be helpful while meeting and getting to know their feline sibling.

Since Basset Hounds are not as active as other breeds, they can just chill with your equally lazy cat breed.

If they want to play, you’ll soon see them get tired and settle down to sleep.


Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


Beagles are already receptive to sharing their area with other animals and people because they were bred to hunt in packs.

A cute beagle is a great breed for cats because they like socialising with other canines, animals, and people.

Beagles would just think that your new cat is a member of their pack.

Since Beagles are lively, active canines that require at least an hour of daily activity, you’d have to make sure that you have a fence if you let them loose outside.

They're also very curious dogs that may want to sniff everything—even your kitty’s food and litter box!




Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats



The Bulldog may look like a four-legged bully because of its low body and bulky build. 

To other dogs, maybe.

They typically don't hit it off with other dogs right away, but they make loving companions to kitties and other animals.

Because Bulldogs aren’t made for swimming, they are like cats that also don’t like water.

In this case, you’d need to keep an eye on them, especially if you have a pool.

Because of their short muzzles, you may want to consider keeping them cool during hot days.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


One of the most popular toy dogs that never grow above the size of a puppy is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or simply, “Cav.”

They are excellent emotional support dogs because they have enormous hearts of gold and show love to everyone they encounter.

Cavs can leave your cat alone when necessary and are amenable to a kitty-napping companion.

Additionally, Cavs enjoy having a feline roommate while you're away because they like to be around people or other animals constantly.



Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


If you’re asking why a member of the herding group is on the list of dog breeds good with cats, that’s because Collies are great companions for fur parents and feline siblings.

Collies are incredibly devoted to their human and other animals.

They can learn how to get along and get used to living with a cat because they’re incredibly smart and kind.

However, they get bored easily and tend to bark, so you would need to think about your cat’s personality if you want to get a Collie.



Golden Retriever

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


Golden Retrievers have to be one of the best dog breeds for tabbies because of their happy-go-lucky nature.

You can also be sure that they'll be a devoted part of the family.

They're also eager to please, silly, lively, and very adaptive.

They seem to have an endless source of empathy and compassion.

Still, from an early age, this dog breed should be taught not to chase the cat so they'll be the perfect match for your kitty!

Goldens are sporting breeds and need plenty of exercise, so make sure to give them enough.

They tend to have undesirable behaviour if they don’t get their daily activity.

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Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Labrador Retriever

While some pet combos are more likely to get along than others, and Labrador Retrievers aren't the kind to bare their teeth in hostility.

Their high trainability is the reason why Labradors are used as emotional support, search and rescue, and guide dogs.

They're kind and adaptable, and their affectionate nature makes them great with kids and other pets, whether canine or feline.

Like the Golden Retriever, Labs need to have lots of walks, playtime, and other activities because they tend to be hyperactive if their pent-up energy is not released.




Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


The Papillon is the perfect companion because they wouldn't care if your cat played with their butterfly ears.

As cat-friendly dogs, they would likely think the tabby is playing a fun activity.

Papillons are constantly game for anything and everything with anyone.

They make great cat companions as they love cuddling next to their feline sibling on your lap because they’re just the same size.

However, these intelligent dogs are very agile and may get over-excited over the smallest things.

Thus, make sure that the cat has a safe place to escape fast because the Papillon’s hyperactivity may overwhelm them.

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Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


Small dog breeds like Pugs frequently enjoy the companionship of cats as well.

In fact, you're more likely to see them cuddling up than engaged in a heated argument.

The sweetest dogs are frequently those that get along well with cats, and Pugs are noted for having a typically calm disposition and being social.

The small size of a Pug doesn't require a lot of space to be happy and comfortable.

However, just like any other dog, these pups will still want daily walks in the open air. 

Don't forget to consider your cats' personalities as well.

Mixed Breed

The temperaments of mixed-breed groups can vary as much as their appearance, and many of them get along well with cats.

If properly trained and nurtured with cats, the majority of dogs—regardless of breed or mix—will be understanding, if not affectionate, with the household cat.

They are definitely a good choice for their cat sibling!

Dog Breeds That Don’t Get Along With Cats

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


It's generally not a good idea to attempt to mix specific dog breeds with your feline companion.

A majority of Terriers are bred to hunt vermin, and they may mistake your cat for something to chase.

Australian Shepherds and other herding dogs are bred to round up cattle, and your cat might find their herding activity annoying.

Malamutes and Siberian Huskies have a strong prey drive and shouldn't be around small animals.

Similarly, it's best to keep cats away from Pit Bulls because they are developed for dog fighting.

Then again, we need to stress that pups that are socialised early with felines develop a more amiable response. 

You can have greater trouble getting them along if the age difference is too great.

Final Thoughts

If you’re bringing in a new Fluffy Friend home, it is crucial to be ready with a comfy anti-anxiety bed to help them adjust to their surroundings, a water dispenser, and a feeding bowl.

It is equally important for pets to be introduced gradually to each other, so don’t force your new dog to meet the other family members right away.

Cats might get fearful and anxious if they feel as though their personal space is in danger of being occupied by a new pet.

Check your cat's mood before introducing them. 

Fortunately, cats use their bodies to communicate non-verbally a lot. 

There are many hints about a cat's mood based on their tail.

You can start to reduce the space between your cat and dog every day as long as neither shows any signs of tension, anxiety, or fear.

When the animals are present in the same space, show them attention and give them treats to encourage them to be best buddies.

Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats


Therefore, it is possible to have fuzzy siblings that happily coexist or even act as companions rather than pets who fight "like dogs and cats".

It all comes down to making good introductions, proper training, being aware of the rules for keeping the peace between dogs and cats, and determining which dog breeds are good with cats and fit into your way of life.

You might soon observe your cat and dog developing a loving friendship and end up being the happy pet parent of a couple of lovely best friends.

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  • This blog post beautifully highlights the harmonious relationship between dogs and cats. It’s heartwarming to see how these furry companions can become the best of friends, bringing joy and companionship to their families. The anecdotes shared here remind us of the special bond that can exist between our beloved pets.

    Cat Exotica
  • Our GSDs have always got on with our cats. In fact our Savannah Bengal is ‘top cat’!
    We’ve never had a dog that doesn’t get on with them from bloodhounds, foxhounds, basset, beagle, jack russell. I think it’s how they are introduced. My husband had a greyhound when he was young & that had to wear a muzzle.
    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Hey Janice,

    We definitely agree with you! Ultimately, getting cats and dogs to get along starts with how they are introduced. We’re glad that all your pets get along with each other regardless of breed!

    —From Your MrFluffyFriend Team!

    Janice Caine
  • Kona, our rescued Australian Shepherd, has been in our family almost one year. He absolutely loves his comfy bed and spends his spare time in it!
    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Hey Connie,

    We’re glad that your baby Kona enjoys spending time lounging on his bed!

    —From Your MrFluffyFriend Team!

  • My sweet schnauser gets along with cats. She approaches them in our neighborhood and they are comfortable together. Go figure!
    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Aww. That’s nice! Especially because schnauzers are not famous for liking cats! Your sweet girl must love playing with the neighborhood kitties! :)

    —From Your MrFluffyFriend Team!

    Helen Bergenfels
  • I just love reading your little column about everything. Keep up the good work & your products are great, I have 4 doggy beds & only 2 dogs. I tell everyone about your products. Thank you.
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    Hey Sandra,

    Thanks so much for the support! I hope you fur babies love their comfy beds!

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