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What Are the Best Blankets for Cats?

Finding the best blankets for cats isn't just about adding a cosy layer to their bedding; it's an investment in their comfort and health.

Cats gravitate towards soft, warm spaces for their napping sessions.

Thus, the right blanket is an essential accessory for any pet owner.

Not only do these pet blankets provide a snug retreat, but they also help in managing pet hair.

This ensures easy maintenance and cleaning for pet parents.

Choosing the right blanket means looking for materials that are warm, soft, and easy to clean.

These qualities make up the best blankets for cats.

Today, we'll find out why cats need blankets.

We'll be highlighting the varieties of blankets suited for our best friends.

We'll also discuss what to consider when selecting the right blanket.

Furthermore, we'll spotlight a standout product, MrFluffyFriend's Fluffy Pet Blanket.

This product exemplifies what to look for in quality cat bedding.

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Why Do Cats Need Blankets?

Cats seek cosy blankets for several reasons.

One, blankets provide a warm space, essential for cats that naturally seek out snug areas to rest.

Two, a blanket's soft texture appeals to their need for comfort.

Three, the warmth helps maintain their body temperature.

Here are more reasons:

Softness and Warmness

best blankets for cats

Fleece or faux fur materials are known for their softness and ability to keep heat.

These materials offer a comfortable spot that feels secure, making them ideal for relaxation and sleep.

Texture and Comfort

The texture of a blanket is also significant.

Cats have sensitive paw pads and soft materials provide a pleasant tactile experience.

This comfort is crucial for cats as it helps them relax and feel secure in their environment.

Scent Retention

Cats mark their territory with their scent to feel secure.


Due to their evolutionary background, cats love warm environments.

Blankets serve as excellent insulators.

They keep body heat and provide a warm setting where cats can escape cooler temperatures.

Familiarity and Security

Many cats prefer certain textures and materials based on their experiences.

Familiar materials like faux fur can evoke a sense of security and comfort.

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Types of Cat Blankets

best blankets for cats

1. Fleece or Faux Fur Blanket

Description: Soft, lightweight, and warm.

Use: Ideal for providing warmth and comfort.

Often used in cat bedding sets or as standalone blankets.

2. Heated Blanket

Description: Equipped with a heating element or made from self-warming materials.

Use: Perfect for keeping cats warm during extreme temperatures.

They're also perfect for senior cats with arthritis.

3. Waterproof Blanket

Description: Made from materials that repel water.

Use: Helpful for protecting furniture from accidental spills.

If you love travelling, a waterproof blanket can keep your sleeping bag free of cat fur.

4. Weighted Blanket

Description: Blankets that are a little heavier and designed to provide a sense of security.

Use: Helps reduce anxiety in some cats, making them feel safer and more comfortable.

5. Luxury Blanket

Description: Made from high-end materials like faux fur or velvet.

Use: Adds a touch of luxury and comfort, often used in high-end cat beds.

6. Sherpa or Winter Blanket

Description: Features a soft, wool-like texture on one side.

Use: Provides extra warmth and comfort, ideal for cooler climates.

7. Cooling Blanket

Description: Made from materials designed to stay cool.

Use: Helps keep cats cool during hot weather.

Considerations in Choosing a Cat Blanket

best blankets for cats

When choosing the best blanket for your cat, you need to consider these factors:

  1. The material of the blanket is vital. Natural fibres like cotton or wool are the best choices because they are soft, warm, and less likely to cause allergic reactions.

  2. The size of the blanket is crucial; it should be large enough for your furry friend to comfortably curl up in.

  3. Safety is another significant concern. Choose blankets that don't have small decorations or attachments to avoid choking.

  4. For ease of maintenance, select a blanket that you can simply throw in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Keep your cat's blanket clean to ensure good hygiene and comfort over time.

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Product Highlight: Fluffy Pet Blanket from MrFluffyFriend

best blankets for cats

The Fluffy Pet Blanket from MrFluffyFriend provides unparalleled comfort and warmth for pets.

The luxurious faux fur offers a sanctuary of softness that eases anxiety in pets.

This blanket is not just a piece of fabric; it's a comforting retreat where pets can feel secure and relaxed.

Key Features:

  • Anxiety Relief: The fantastic texture of the blanket has a calming effect. It aids in soothing and comforting pets during times of stress.
  • Warmth: Lightweight yet warm, allowing pets to maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • Versatile Design: Its minimalist and neutral style blends with home decor. You can drape the blanket anywhere—pet beds, cars, or floors. Also, pet blankets can help you avoid too much cat hair lying around everywhere. The blankets make the perfect gifts for owners who'd like to give comfort to their kitties.
  • Durability and Safety: They're made from such good quality materials to ensure long-term care and comfort for your cat. The manufacturing process made sure to build the blanket to last against playful behaviour.
  • Care Guide and Maintenance: The blanket is machine washable—providing you the easiest way to remove pet fur. A better way to ensure cleanliness is to wash the blanket before your cat's first use.
  • Multiple Sizes: The blanket comes in various sizes, from something that fits a smaller bed set to a larger bed set for your big kitty. Just check the guide to find the right size for your pet.

Dog and cat owners have praised the Fluffy Pet Blanket for its effectiveness in providing comfort and reducing anxiety in their pets.

It's an essential accessory for any pet-friendly home.

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best blankets for cats


Choosing the right blanket is so much more than just a simple purchase—it's a way to enhance your feline friend's quality of life.

The Fluffy Pet Blanket by MrFluffyFriend stands out as an exemplary product!

It embodies the key qualities pet owners should look for in a perfect blanket: warmth, softness, safety, and ease of maintenance.

Remember, your cat's blanket is not just a piece of fabric, but a symbol of your bond and understanding of their needs.

Does your cat love blankets?

Or do you have questions?

Let us know in the comments section or get in touch with our customer service!


What type of blanket is safe for my cat?

For your cat's safety, choose a blanket that's both lightweight and breathable.

It should be appropriately sized for their cat bed.

Always choose a blanket made from safe and natural materials.

You might want to avoid weighted or heated blankets, especially if your cat is alone.

What are the preferred types of blankets for cats?

Cats favour blankets made from cotton and faux fur, and those that are feather-filled.

What material is best for cats to sleep on?

When selecting bedding for cats, it's a good idea to choose cotton, wool, or unbleached fabrics.

These materials aren't only breathable but also tend to have fewer chemical odours.

Remember that your cats have a super sensitive sense of smell.

Is it okay to cover my cat with a blanket while they sleep?

As a pet parent, you know that it's best not to cover your cat with a blanket while sleeping.

Cats prefer to make their own choices about whether they want to burrow under blankets.

If they choose to snuggle under one, they can manage on their own and will emerge if they feel uncomfortable.

Does MrFluffyFriend carry blankets for a small size bed set?

Yes. The small blanket measures 22x14 in or 56x36 cm.

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