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Easter Activities for Your Pets

Since our Fluffy Friends play a significant role in our families, involving them in the holiday celebrations has equal significance for pet owners.

Easter activities are no exception, and fur parents can find a ton of entertaining and safe activities for their pets to partake in during the holiday!

easter activities for pets

Just a friendly reminder: Easter is a time when humans like eating chocolate, which can be harmful to your dog or cat, along with other foods.

Always keep your furry family members out of the reach of chocolate and other hazardous foods.

Fun Easter Activities

Fun Feeding Toy

easter activities for pets

A fun feeding toy is a great way to encourage your feline to play with it, especially if you've filled it with kibble!

After a few pounces, the cute toy will allow your kitty to access the goodies.

And since the feeding toy does not dispense the kibble all at once, you can be sure your pet will not be overfed.

If you need to run around to do last-minute chores before the Easter festivities, this fun toy is your best bet to keep your furball preoccupied.

Ball Thrower

Another fun Easter activity for your dog is a ball thrower!

Keep your canine busy even inside the house with a ball thrower's settings that can throw balls from 3 to 9 metres (10 to 30 feet).

You can even join in the fun by filling the ball thrower with your pup's favourite balls and watching him chase after them!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a lot of fun for the whole family, and your pets may join in on the fun in the yard and inside the house.

Bright days outside can make this a terrific outdoor pastime.

For your doggo, use peeled, hard-boiled eggs instead of plastic eggs to prevent choking risks, though that option is also available.

For your tabby, use special treats like salmon, anchovies, or canned tuna.

However, if you have cats and dogs, it would be best to stick to hard-boiled eggs, but make sure the egg is in smaller portions to avoid choking your kitty.

Hide eggs or goodies throughout your home or backyard for good fun.

Don't forget that these Easter eggs shouldn’t contain any candy or chocolate!

Always choose nutritious pet treats.

Step 1: Prepare your eggs or treats. If you're going to use plastic eggs, put a treat or two into each one. As soon as your Fluffy Friend finds the treat, they'll want to eat it right away, so don't overpack the eggs to avoid overfeeding.

Step 2: Hide the eggs. Keep the eggs on the ground where your fluffy companion can easily find them.

Step 3: Let your pet free to roam the room or yard. When you're outside, you might need to assist your pets in finding the first couple of eggs. Your pets should be able to locate the rest of the rewards once they've figured out the game.

Costumed Photo Shoot

easter activities for pets

Nothing is more adorable than displaying your pets among pastel eggs and beautiful flowers while donning bunny ears.

A picture session is also a great indoor or outdoor Easter activity for any weather because you can do it virtually anywhere.

Starting out is easy enough because you probably already have most of the necessary items.

A tablecloth will do in place of a pastel sheet, which makes for the ideal backdrop.

For this project, a few Easter accents like a small basket, real or fake grass, and eggs work well as props.

Check if your pet will tolerate donning a costume or bunny ears for the photo shoot. 

Lastly, prepare your camera or phone.

Pool Party

A pool party is always nice if the weather's sunny and hot. So, pull out the paddling pool for your pets to enjoy the weather too!

If you had a lovely Easter egg hunt or a simple walk, a paddling pool can help cool your dog down.

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Easter Basket Stuffers

6 Pack of Dog Toys

Gifting your pooch an Easter basket filled with goodies like a 6 pack of dog toys will give them lots of fun and improve their dental health.

easter activities

With 6 sizes and types to choose from, your pup won't be bored with his new toys.

Carrot Snuffle Toy

Easter means bunnies, and bunnies mean carrots!

Add this carrot snuffle toy to your pet's basket and keep them stimulated throughout Easter!

Aside from giving your pooch something new, the carrot snuffle toy can also be used for training!

Simply add treats under the carrots and wait for your Fluffy Friend to find them!

Easter-Themed Treats

Of course, Easter-themed treats are always a welcome alternative for the holiday!

For your kitty, try out Easter Bunny-Shaped Biscuits with Tuna and for your puppy, Carrot and Peanut Butter Cookies!

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5 Easter Safety Tips

Never Share Your Food

easter activities for pets

Sadly, most of our favourite Easter foods harm our pets.

Some treats are poisonous, while others are hazardous because they are frequently made with additives like xylitol, onions, or garlic.

On the other hand, some Easter delicacies contain excessive amounts of salt or sugar, which are unhealthy for your fur babies to ingest and can upset their stomachs.

Here are some Easter treats that should be kept out of reach:

  • Anything with chocolate, like chocolate bunnies, cookies, cakes, or eggs
  • Devilled eggs
  • Candy
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Seasoned green beans


Keep a watch on your pets and where plates are placed if visitors are around for Easter brunch or supper to ensure they aren't left unattended anywhere your Fluffy Friend can get to.

Keep Easter Lilies Out of Reach

Although Easter lilies are lovely, they shouldn't be displayed in houses with animals.

Certain plants, like Easter lilies, are toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure.

Easter lilies are also harmful to dogs, so keeping them out of the house so your pets can't get to them is better.

The Hazards of Easter Egg Hunt

easter activities for pets

Easter egg hunts are enjoyable for children and families, but it's best to keep excitable pets out of the action.

While some pets enjoy playing with their humans, some may feel overwhelmed.

Pets unfamiliar with the celebrations could start chasing people looking for Easter eggs.

The use of plastic eggs and everything placed inside of them may also be a risk.

Keeping your dogs leashed or in another part of the house during egg searches is preferable.

Keep a list of all the locations where the Easter eggs are hidden. 

Of course, don't forget to double-check after the Easter egg hunt activity is finished to make sure no eggs were left where your pets could find them.

Also, clean your yard for candy wrappers that may have been discarded or fallen on the ground before allowing your pets out.

Although not digestible, the foil surrounding chocolate bunnies and plastic candy wrappers appeals to your furball.

We recommend having a separate Easter egg hunt for your pooch and kitten, so you don't have to worry about giving them hazardous treats.

Safe Space for Pet-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Let your furry companions enjoy the holiday by creating a safe space for them to hunt for Easter eggs.

You can do this by adding little bits of their favourite food or toys hidden in your home's fenced-in yard or room.

Encourage your pet to start looking once you've hidden toys and goodies, and praise him as he uncovers each item.

If you've already trained your pooch or kitty to look for scents, you can also use plastic Easter eggs.

Then again, when using plastic eggs to conceal food, it's crucial to keep track of where each egg is placed and to keep an eye on your pet while they are looking.


Make sure your pets are comfortable, especially around young children. If your Fluffy Friend becomes anxious when visitors enter the house, prepare a separate room with an anti-anxiety bed to keep them calm.

Alternatively, you can offer your canine or feline a toy or chew packed with treats in its kennel, in a quiet room of the house, or behind a pet gate.

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easter activities for pets


Easter and spring are times to celebrate the fresh mornings after the cold winter.

With all the food and excitement that go along with the season, your pet will adore a lot of the activities we prepared!

Send us your Easter activities photos through the comments section below, and check out our shop for all your springtime needs!

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